Top 5 Best Must Have Tortilla Presses

Last Updated: August 28, 2020

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Serving Mexican food for dinner will never be complete with the famous tortillas cradling your favorite spice, cheese, tomatoes, and seasoned meat. If you’ve been eating Mexican food for such a long time now, you’d know the bread itself makes or breaks the taste.

When you want to bring your Mexican delicacy to the next level, you don’t run to your grocery store for the already-made tortilla wraps. Instead, you buy the raw ingredients to make your wraps. Though it can be challenging to create, I will promise you that it will be worth it.

A warm, freshly homemade tortilla is undoubtedly better than those already-made wraps. Store-bought tortilla wraps have preservatives, and they get stale when you’ve opened the pack. 

Making your dough and cooking up batches can assure you that you’re not only producing cost-effective wraps, but you’re also not consuming unhealthy additives and preservatives like Benzoic acid and sweeteners.

I truly understand the feeling of frustration when your packaged tortilla wrap can’t carry all the weight of the extra meat you have put on your tacos. Hence, making your tortilla wraps can help this dilemma because you can control the thickness of your wrap.

Mexican food isn’t complete without your quesadillas and tacos. But, making your tortilla wraps for these could be challenging if you don’t have your trusty tortilla press. Hence, I’ve made a list of the best tortilla presses that might be your next holy grail!

Best Tortilla Presses Compared and Reviewed

1. Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Choosing cast iron as your home cookware’s primary material is a great idea because of its durability and good nonstick ability. So, if you’re looking into using cast iron for your tortilla press, then this Victoria TOR-003 8 Inch could be a good pick for you.

Have I already mentioned that cast irons are known for their heavy-duty construction? Since it is heavy, you don’t have to exert extra effort to flatten your dough.

The way the handle is made and how it imposes better resistance is incredible. In this way, you’re in complete control of the cast iron. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about it quickly closing down and making an irking noise.

You also won’t have to deal with pinching with this Victoria TOR-003 tortilla press because it has reinforced hinges. These hinges will give you a smooth and evenly pressed wrap.

The surfaces were also constructed through a sand casting molding technique guaranteeing a perfectly flat tortilla. Moreover, this press is multi-functional because they’re also great for your empanadas, flatbreads, arepas, tostones, and more.

Another advantage is that Victoria also offers a smaller-sized press for your corn tortillas. However, some reviews are saying that though this is good for its initial purpose (pressing tortilla wraps), they weren’t satisfied when they used this for their chapati or roti.

What have others said about the Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press?

“Very high quality tortilla press. It does take practice however to use the press in the same way that you need to practice rolling out pie dough. You need to use a plastic ziploc bag over the press to keep the dough from sticking and you cannot roll out the dough too thin. Also the dough must have the perfect consistency which you can learn from any Mexican Chef! : )”  – QueenAmazon



2. Eleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Press

If you prefer making flour tortillas over corn tortillas, then Eleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Press is a good option. Flour tortillas are the most used and well-known tortilla variant because of its flexibility and bend better than those made from corn.

Indeed, flour tortillas are best flattened with a rolling pin because of its gluten content that can easily shrink once it leaves the press. However, you can still use a tortilla press to make things easier and faster.

This could still work with your corn tortillas since it’s a cast iron. Hence it is relatively heavy and could press your soft flour wraps. However, this is the most recommended press that works best for the softer, easier, and bigger tortillas.

Cast Iron provides exceptional durability. It is heavyweight. Hence, you don’t have to exert more force down to flatten the bread. However, some reviews are complaining that the handle isn’t as durable as it claims.

What have others said about the Eleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Press?

“Elegance in life is exactly as represented in their description of this press. It is not a thin, lightweight press, but very, very sturdy cast iron. It arrives with the handle off and is very easy to assemble. The surface is coated so the tortilla will not stick, and the 7.3″ size is perfect. This press is worth every penny you pay for it, and the seller is honest and ships on time as well. This will be around in my kitchen for a very long time.” E. Sloane



3. Hardwood Tortilla Press - Oak & Walnut - 10 inch

With the dimensions of 9.75” W x 10” L, this Hardwood Tortilla Press is a good tortilla press option for those who prefer wood more than steel or iron. It possesses several coats of food-grade mineral oils and beeswax, meaning you don’t have to worry about any toxins that could leak into your food.

Looking at the price, this might be an extravagant expense at first. However, this press truly doesn’t disappoint because they’re larger than the cast irons; hence you can make big-sized flour tortillas.

If you’re planning to use your presses for other purposes like empanadas, Hardwood Tortilla Press is an excellent way to go because of its broad dimensions. The bigger the surface, the easier it is to shape and control your preparation process.

What have others said about this tortilla maker?

“IMy first six tortillas were perfectly round and cooked up just right in the cast iron skillet. The press is beautifully made and easy to use. I made cassava flour tortillas with Otto’s Cassava Flour using the recipe on the package. They were perfect!” Waterfall Woman



4. Norpro 6” Tortilla Maker

If you’re planning to make corn tortillas, Norpro 6” Tortilla Maker can best serve you with your needs. This is small and compact, and sturdy and durable.

Norpro is known for its high-quality aluminum presses. Hence, you can easily press your tortilla doughs without having to press and put too much pressure on the equipment repeatedly.

Corn tortillas are known for its small circumference, compared to flour tortillas. Though they’re small in size, this doesn’t automatically mean that they’re not the best tortillas to use for your Mexican dinner.

Corn tortillas have a lot of flavor and texture compared to the flour tortillas with a specific toothsome consistency. However, they’re not as flexible as those made from flour. Hence it is only available in a small size. Making bigger corn tortillas can result in breakage.

Getting a smaller press if you’re only planning to make corn tortillas is better than getting a bigger-sized unit. This is because smaller tortilla press can help you control your wrap size without having to check if they’re just the right size continually.

Though it has received good reviews, some Amazon users have complained that this product didn’t evenly flatten the tortilla. Moreover, some are skeptical about the durability of the handle.

How others have reviewed the Norpro 6″ Tortilla Maker:

“I really like this press, was recomend by America’s test kitchen. Works great, have used about 4 times to make corn tortillas and I am very happy with it. The key is to make sure your masa dough isn’t too wet or to dry. I cut a ziplock bag open and place my dough between the press it makes it way easier to get the tortilla off.”  J DUB



5. CucinaPro Flatbread and Tortilla Maker

If wood or cast iron isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe you would prefer a tortilla press made from aluminum. This CucinaPro Flatbread and Tortilla Maker is made from a high-quality type of aluminum. Hence its weight is inevitably heavier than most aluminum presses.

Unlike the other tortilla press, this is an electric variant, thus you can directly heat your tortillas using the product. As good as it sounds, of course, this doesn’t come off at a low price.

Its surface is coated with a nonstick feature, letting it heat your tortillas evenly at ease. You also don’t have to worry about the cleaning part because there won’t be any leftover tortillas sticking on the pans because of its non-stick ability.

To assure its longevity, this requires extra tender loving care. Non-gluten flours are not recommended to be used in this press. Moreover, you have to carefully press down the dough without too much pressure because it can affect the press’s plates.

Some have complained that this is not easy to use, most especially for those who are only beginning to make their own tortillas. If you don’t know your tortilla’s normal consistency, it could be quite challenging to make it with this product.

What have other said about this tortilla press?

“II am in love with this!

I pre cook my flour tortillas and then finish cooking them on the comal.

They come out perfectly round and beautiful!

I love it!”  Sarah V



My Top Choice

Key Considerations When Looking For a Tortilla Press

When choosing your tortilla press, frankly, there is not that much to consider because they’re relatively similar to one another. They differ when it comes to the material it was made from and the sizes. But other than that, there is nothing much to look at.

There is a lot of news going around that you can’t use flour tortillas on your tortilla press because they have gluten content that can quickly shrink down your dough. However, this still doesn’t make it impossible to have an evenly flattened flour tortilla with your press.

You should pick the press with different sizes and materials that help you with your cooking preparation with the best durability and pressing performance. Numerous tortilla presses are indeed artisanally good; however, aesthetics should not be your top priority.

Since you’re planning to take your Mexican dinner into the next level through a helpful tortilla press, I’ve listed some of the significant considerations that you should look into when buying your own.


A tortilla press is made up of two flat pan-like surfaces joined together by a lever. When the two surfaces are together and closed, the pressure will be worked through the lever. This process is what gives you the perfect flat tortilla wrap, and material has a big influence in it.

The material is everything when you’re looking at your cookware. More often than not, it dictates its portability, durability, weight, and affordability. Choosing a material isn’t really about which material is better, instead, which material works for you and you personally deem better.

Of course, all materials have their pros and cons. Due to this, you should look into the way you can enjoy the pros and adjust to the cons. After all, this can totally make or break your tortillas.

There are three types of materials that are usually used when manufacturing a tortilla press. Cast Iron, Wood, and Aluminum are the primary materials that are mostly used by famous manufacturers. With its own pros and cons, you can easily choose which one makes your prepping performance easier.


Traditional Mexican presses use wood for their presses. If you have seen a wooden press and compared it with a different material, you would notice that they’re hardly round in shape. They’re usually rectangular and bulky.

Some might not like wooden presses because they’re usually heavy and bulky. Hence it can be awkward and cumbersome to utilize. However, its heavyweight is the secret as to why the original tortilla makers have used this.

A heavier press, like wood, a heavier press may not make you happy because of its weight, but it totally lifts off the stress on your shoulders when it comes to flattening your tortilla wraps. Since you’re using the lever to press your tortilla, its heavyweight won’t require you to exert extra effort to achieve your evenly pressed wrap.

You might hear the legend from original tortilla makers about the wood containing an excellent and tasty tortilla secret. Though there is no founded research regarding it, it is probably the taste of authenticity from Oaxaca.

Since they’re wooden, you can expect that there won’t be any electrical components built into these presses. They’re entirely manual and are just solely for pressing your doughs.

A downside when using the wooden press is that they are usually crude. These wooden presses most likely have their bolts and hinges made from steel, prone to rust. 

You don’t have to worry about the rusting, though, because this doesn’t affect the press’s performance. Moreover, this will also not leak into your food. However, if you’re very particular with aesthetics, this could be a big deal.

Another con is its size and bulkiness. Storage can be quite a difficulty because it can take up too much storage space.

Hardwood products are the best wooden presses like mesquite or oak. They’re not only durable, but they also offer outstanding performance because of their heavyweight. If you’re leaning into buying a wooden press, you might want to check out Hardwood Tortilla Press.


Aluminum is lighter weight and portable. Aluminum tortilla presses may be your preferred choice if you’re not going to be making tortillas every single day. This is pretty light hence, it requires extra effort to press down your doughs.

This press is usually quite challenging because light pressure cannot evenly press your doughs, and too much pressure can snap the lever of the press. However, if you’re eyeing for a lighter and more portable option, aluminum is the answer.

If you have a smaller budget but still want to make the best tortilla wraps, then you can look into aluminum presses. They are also easy to store because they are usually small and they’re definitely light.

Norpro 6” Tortilla Maker is a good aluminum press because of its high-quality aluminum material. Also, its size is just the perfect dimension for your corn tortillas.

Cast Iron

This is perchance the most famous and sought after material because of its heavy and durable material. In general, cast irons are known for their heavyweight; hence, using this material for your tortilla press is a right decision by the manufacturers.

They usually come in different sizes, both small and big, to definitely cater to both corn and flour tortillas. If you’re looking for electronic presses, cast irons also have variants that are offered with an electric component.

You no longer have to strain yourself when pressing down your tortillas because the material itself is heavy enough to do the work. Necessary force is not a requirement because gravity itself will give you that perfectly even tortilla.

If you are planning to use your press frequently, then cast irons are an excellent option. They’re also easy to store because they’re round, and they’re not as bulky as the wooden presses.

Cast irons come at quite a high price as well. However, despite the initial extravagant expense, you can expect that you get the value of its worth because of its durability and good performance.

Victoria TOR-003 might be something you want to look into if you’re looking into cast irons for your tortilla press.

Purpose (or size)

Two standard Tortilla bases are flour or corn. With these two raw ingredients, you can easily note down, which requires a smaller press and which is for the larger press.

Corn tortillas are known for their different consistency compared to the one made from flour. The bigger size, they’re most likely to break apart. Hence, 6” presses are mainly for corn tortillas.

Flour tortillas, on the other hand, are flexible enough to expand to a bigger size. They’re usually known to be the wrap used for your burritos and quesadillas. Larger presses that measure up to 7.5” to 10” are typically made for them.

Knowing which tortilla you’ll be making is essential. Of course, you don’t want your press to be too big for your corn tortilla or too small for your flour tortilla. 

Eleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Press is a good option for your flour tortillas, while for your corn tortillas, you might want to consider Norpro 6” Tortilla Maker.

Additional Feature

The material and the size of your presses are the two primary considerations that you should watch out for when buying your presses. These two factors are usually enough to provide you the bare minimum of the product.

An additional feature is what makes you go beyond needing the product to wanting it. It doesn’t only give you extra features, but it can also help you elevate your kitchen performance.


This usually applies to lightweight materials like aluminum. They’re known for their portability because they’re light enough to carry around.

Portability can be helpful when you’re always on the go or planning to use your press outside. This is easy to bring and store, so you don’t have to worry about bulkiness.

Norpro 6” Tortilla Maker is a lightweight press that you can easily carry around on a trip. If this is a feature you want, then you might want to look into this specific product.

Electric Component

The electric component usually imposes efficiency with your work. When making tortillas, you typically press your dough and cook it on your stove. However, with a press with an electric component, you no longer have to transfer your dough from one place to another.

The downside of getting a press with an electric component is there’s a wait time between every tortilla you make. Unlike the manual press, you can press all your doughs and cook them simultaneously.

This kind of press may also not be for all types of home chefs. This is not easy to use for some. Hence you might find it challenging to utilize. However, if you really prefer this kind of product, then you might want to consider looking into CucinaPro Flatbread and Tortilla Maker.

Frequently Asked Questions about XYZ

Question: Do I need to season my cast iron tortilla press?

Answer: Some may not season their cast iron tortilla press most especially if this doesn’t have an electric component. This is because you’re not using this with heat, hence, there’s no need for its non-stick ability (use cookie sheet or plastic so it won’t stick on the surfaces).

However, if this has an electric component, you might want to consider seasoning your cast iron tortilla press. According to, a site that’s centered on tortilla presses, it is still better to season it so that you can best use it because of its natural non-stick 

Question: How do I maintain my tortilla press?

Answer: If this is a manual, non-electrical tortilla press, you can wipe down the surfaces with a dry towel. If it is not enough, you can clean it with hot water and a brush. When in doubt, you can always check the manufacturer’s guide that comes along with your press to know more about its cleaning and maintenance procedures.

It is also best to use a parchment paper, cookie sheet, or plastic when using your press so that your dough won’t stick on the surfaces, hence easier to clean.

Question: Can I use tortilla press for pizza dough?

Answer: Yes, you can. If you want a super-thin and crispy pizza crust, then you can use this. However, don’t put any yeast on it if you’re planning to press it through your tortilla press.


When choosing the best tortilla press, always look into the details of the product before purchasing it. After all, the best product in the market isn’t still the best product for you. Moreover, your standards must be satisfied; hence, you can’t solely rely on famous.

Tortilla presses aren’t for everyone because it’s not the first piece of cookware you’d want to purchase. However, getting to experience the world of fresh tortillas, investing in a press is encouraged. Hence, you really have to look for the best one that suits your needs and wants. Remember, tortillas are not just for special occasions, but for everyday craves!



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