What We Do

My central vision is to deliver not only the freshest recipes but also the freshest content. I strive to provide the viewers with a taste of hand-picked recipes/reviews. Yes, I’ll make sure to go out of my way to find and share exclusive homemade recipes for you (homemade are the best ones).
I’m always up for a challenge and one of the biggest challenge is getting out your comfort zone and trying different recipes/reviews from all cultures and background and not just my own, which is Vietnamese.

If you would like to feature one of your recipes/reviews on the website, contact us, and I’ll love to showcase your recipes/reviews to the viewers in whom I’m sure would like to try and critic (I know I do..!). I’m always open for inputs and suggestions from cooks all around the world.

Why We Do This


Food brings people together, and good food puts smiles on people’s faces – Family, Friends, and everyone in between (Pets included).

It’s the main reason why my passion is to share great content with you because great food will have a positive impact. Just seeing someone smile from a recipe they’ve tried will make everything worthwhile.

I love cooking – period. Its become a huge passion of mine since young. As I was growing up, seeing my Mum go grocery shopping and finding the freshest produce and transforming all that raw material into a few delicious dishes was astonishing. She played a significant influence on why I love food.

Mum cooked great homemade Vietnamese meals, adding her improvisation of what she cultivated over the years through and trial error, to always prepare the family a good tasting meal. 

These type of unique Vietnamese recipes made me happy growing up and this special something is what I love to share with everyone, not only recipes but also my and Mum’s passion for food.


 Enjoy the website, and let’s get chopping!